User Guidelines

Last updated: 2018-02-08

We at Barter Aye respects your right to freedom of speech. While we are based in Vancouver, we recognize that our users are diverse, and comes from many cultural backgrounds. We respect your rights to freely express ideas and opinions, and we do this by providing neither censorship nor endorsement. However, there are categories of behavior and content that we do not permit because we consider them to be harmful to our community.

We want you to be well-informed of our guidelines, so we try to keep them simple and transparent. Below lists the activities and materials that are not allowed on Barter Aye.

Illegal content and conduct


Misleading information

We do not tolerate attempts to deceive or defraud users. Please be honest in your exchanges.

Intellectual property infringement

Please respect the intellectual property of others. When in doubt, always ask the owner of the content for permission.


Any explicit depiction of sexual acts are prohibited. Nudity in art is okay.

Harmful or malicious content

Please do not upload or link to any malicious or destructive code. Avoid clicking or contributing to any questionable links.


Do not claim to be someone or a company that you are not. (Satire and parody is okay!)

Directly threatening material

Do not post threats of violence, personal information, or any material that could be harmful or lead to loss of life. Respect people’s privacy. Block a user if you do not wish to speak with them.


Do not harass people. We understand that words can translate poorly over the internet, and sometimes offense is not intentional. Please be considerate when communicating with others. You are free to block and report users violating this guideline.


No business ads are permitted unless approved by Barter Aye. (Contact us instead at contactus@barteraye.com.)


Please do not send any unwanted or unsolicited promotions or emails, machine-generated or otherwise. We do not like spam, neither do our users. Users may be away or busy. Give them time to respond.


Please do not post or trade any live animals or products made from endangered animals (such as ivory). Contact your local Humane Society / Animal Shelter instead for more information on how you can find a good home for your pets.

Risk to health and safety

Used personal items carry an inherent risk. The risk for disease transmission may be small, but they exist. You need to be aware of this when exchanging any item.

Please be aware that these are just guidelines. They are subject to our interpretation. We don’t expect this list to be complete and it is subject to change in the future.

If you believe that an individual or their content is violating our guidelines, you can report their content or their behavior through Barter Aye. We take your concerns very seriously. Additionally, if you are unsure if you might be breaking our guidelines or if you think we are missing anything, don’t be afraid to tell us! (You can send us an email at barterbayexchange@gmail.com, or send us a feedback directly through our service.)

We reserve the right to remove any content/user without warning or explanation.